Felicity and oliver dating

But let's start with that proposal, which was barely a proposal.

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At the rehearsal dinner, Oliver just started talking about how he wanted his and Felicity's rehearsal dinner to be just like that, and Felicity got all "what are you talking about? Whenever Oliver had a moment during any of the nazi-fighting, he brought up the fact that Felicity didn't want to marry him, either to Felicity or to Barry and Iris, and wanted to talk about it constantly. He had a nazi doppelganger married to nazi Supergirl, and all he wanted to do was talk about Felicity rejecting his proposal. Then, Barry and Iris were literally in the middle of an adorable impromptu ceremony with Diggle officiating which was already awkward because it was right after Stein's funeral, still in funeral clothing, but whatever.

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Oliver and Felicity were supposed to be the best man and maid of honor, the silent witnesses to this beautiful event— silent being the key word. She realized right then and there that she did, in fact, want to marry Oliver, and they should do it now! While another couple was also getting married!

She and Oliver didn't even have their own vows, because they couldn't compete with Barry and Iris. So they not only stole their ceremony, but also essentially stole their vows. Barry and Iris just stood there, saying nothing, while Oliver and Felicity blabbered on about what they were doing, with no one ever pointing out that Oliver and Felicity could have Diggle marry them literally any time they wanted, any other time that was not during the post-funeral wedding of someone else. But since no one pointed that out, they just continued on with it, and both couples were married together for some reason.

Felicity could have also tried to discuss her concerns with Oliver in a mature and calm manner. To add insult to injury, instead of writing a compelling storyline where Felicity comes to terms with being in a wheelchair, they made it to where she could walk again in a few episodes.

Arrow Rekindles Olicity Romance | CBR

Like almost every other fandom in existence, there are always a few bad apples that ruin it for the rest of us. Of course, there have been a few bad apples in the Felicity fandom that are incapable of doing that.

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  6. Unfortunately, she showed ZERO remorse for her actions and many fans are infuriated by it because it makes it seem as if she can do no wrong. That being said, Felicity acted like a child.

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    Okay, I get her mom can be annoying at times but she could definitely handle it better. Every time Felicity was mean towards her mother, it made her look petty and incredibly immature. Are they kidding me? That being said, it quickly devolved into pointless relationship drama and I became increasingly frustrated at how Felicity hogged the limelight, while interesting characters like Thea and Laurel either got shoved aside or killed off.

    All of that is the fault of the executive producers and the writers.


    Ironically enough, William Jack Moore played a huge part in their decision to give things between them another chance in tonight's episode. After giving up his title as Green Arrow, Oliver had way more time to dedicate to being a father. The only problem was being a dad meant helping out with stuff like math tests and quadratic equations, which we all know is not Oliver's strong suit. Thanks to some great advice from Felicity — not to mention some stellar tutoring — William managed to get an A on his math test, which was more than just a win for him.

    Olicity 3.01 Part 2 Flirting 101 + That fern + "You should buy me a bed"

    Even though Oliver couldn't help directly with the problem at hand, he did manage to provide the necessary support to help his son help himself, which is what being a parent is all about. Once he made that realization, it was a pretty easy next step to show up at Felicity's loft and give her a key to his place. Seeing how much William liked Felicity and how much help she could provide in the whole parenting thing showed Oliver that there wasn't ever going to be a good or bad time to pick back up with his romantic life.

    There was just now. Ultimately, this reconciliation didn't feel like an epic, overblown romantic reunion, it just felt like an inevitable meeting of the minds, which was kind of perfect.