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On my personal note. I met a girl who was a minister, divorced, and thought she could never remarry because of that being a sin. We dated a couple times and we had two great dates, philosophically. She now gets irritated by YEC and fundies and I can actually talk to them and try to get them to accommodate evolution with religious belief.

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Haha, Erik would be the one to ask for this. Been there, done that. Means the same thing essentially without the negative connotation many associate with Atheist. Atheist is the proper term for one who does not believe in god s.

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Breaking them in in other ways can be fun , but astonishment about nonbelief is not something I want to deal with in my intimate life. Had I met my wife online rather than at school, and had we discussed this sort of thing before we started dating, and had we reached an understanding on my nonreligion v. The problems are myriad: I flirted with Buddhism and Taoism and then decided I was an agnostic. There are a lot of issues that we talk about politics in Ontario and the rest of Canada , and sometimes religion sneaks in there.

I do my best to be respectful, but I get pretty adamant about things. So here we are. On Sundays, she takes the baby to mass and I take the dog to the park. You might simply do better to avoid dating people with whom this will be a problem. God forbid pun intended that you fall in love with a theist. At this point I only date atheists. It feels so much better having an ally than another debater.

I need all of the help that I can get! I am not being deceitful nor would I conceal my beliefs if asked because atheism is not the center of my existence, just one facet of my being. I ask only that she not impose her beliefs on me or try to somehow get me to convert. Live and let live. There are a couple of replies to my question earlier about whether women atheist have encountered men who expect them to have loose r morals, and who have expressed what appears to be indignance at or ignorance of the meaning of the question.

But there it is. One of the chief polemical arguments levied against atheism is that there is no sound basis for morality without a God figure.

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So to pretend that the common man out there will not possibly expect a woman atheist to have sex with them faster than a woman who labels herself Christian or Muslim is just a bit disingenuous. Just keeping up apperances.

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They are more open and less influenced by their religion. Thinking About Dating an Atheist?

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Want more from the Friendly Atheist? A reader of this site has a dilemma. You have a litany of two crimes Christian My Name Only. Wow, sometimes you guys think too much. Stop being so desperate. This ensure the only responses to his profile are from people with a sense of humor. Just some random thoughts. Same as Jodie, the last time I tried online dating, I looked for atheists.

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Sudo, What the heck are loose morals? My name is Savion. Austin , Texas , United States. My name is Rucker. I am never married agnostic black man without kids from Austin, Texas, United States. My name is Dre.

Meeting atheist singles in Canada

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    Atheist dating: find like-minded love with EliteSingles

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