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I found them just okay Or like they were sometimes used as foreshadowing idk. All in all i enjoyed this drama. It definitely helped me with my drama slump. But now that I've finished it I dont know what to do with my life again.

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I guess I gotta find a new drama to watch. If you're experiencing the same thing and haven't watched Marriage, not dating yet. Marriage not dating was really good. I liked that they had time skips and the beginning episodes always had a wtf scene.

You should watch cunning single lady, it's also a rom com and is similar to this drama. Lol those intro scenes is what i live for. They can be manipulating at times tho. But i dont mind: Marriage Not Dating is in my top 5 list because I absolutely loved it. It's the only drama I've re-watched all the way through and I loved it even more the 2nd time I saw it.

Funny scenes can look serious like the poop scene.

Marriage, Not Dating, Episodes 1-4: Multiple Barrels of Laughs

Amazing chemistry, great soundtrack. This drama has 1 of my all time favorite ost's. Fun cast and interesting storyline.

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When faced with an overly-devoted girlfriend, Hoon-dong calls for aid from his best friend, Gong Ki-tae. Yeon Woo-jin is absolutely amazing as Ki-tae. This is a character who no one should like. He actively tries to be an utter prick, and frequently goes above and beyond the call of dickery. He is so used to getting drinks tossed at him that he has the reflexes to shield his glasses and phone.

And yet, you cannot help but feel bad for him. Ki-tae is the only male born to his wealthy family for three generations: Realizing that his family will never let this relationship stand, Ki-tae hatches a scheme.

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He and Jang-mi will pretend to be madly in love, and when his beloved s mother inevitably breaks them up, Ki-tae will simply never get over her. You can smell the hijinks a mile away. Marriage, Not Dating really works because instead of depending on the zany plot to provide setups for jokes and hilarity, it just pokes fun at the plot itself.

The funniest moments come from Ki-tae and Jang-mi just being in the same room, trying to make their faux-Cinderella story work. During that time, because I slept on your shoulder and dreamed such a sweet sleep and you gave me the strength to run around all day. The wedding, in the end, will not become a problem for the two of us.

In the future, we will have to experience many discomforts and problems. Despite it all, if you and I can be together happily for even a single moment, then in that moment I believe that marriage is worth doing.

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Boyfriends are such a hassle, why bother dating? I have other, more important things to do than go on dates. It would be nice, in theory, to have a boyfriend, and to get married. And sleeping with people? Not unless I plan to marry your ass. The fake dating is over. Originally posted by vladsnamestnikov. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Marriage Not Dating Ep 15 - Busted!

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